• Lead Me Home4:27
  • Be The Miracle3:23
  • There's a Miracle waiting4:11
  • In God's Time3:44

Hello, I started singing in church when I was four years old.  I have always had a desire to sing for the Lord and celebrate his name through song.  I have been privileged to sing along some incredible people through the years.  I have been a solo ministry since September 2016,  I sing Southern and country gospel.  A typical concert will be filled with music, ministry moments and testimony & some Humor. 

I have been blessed to have many songs that have touched others through the years including;  Where I've Been, Lead Me Home, Missing People, Robe of Calvary, Shepherd Comes Home and many more.  I'm always blessed when someone comes up and says they have been touched by one of these songs. 

​I have many influences in his life including his parents Dick & Lois Smith.  His musical influences include Big Jim Hammel, Tony Peace, Ronnie Hinson, and Rusty Goodman 

One of my favorite passage of scripture, Psalm 23. "I believe God does his greatest works in us when we are in the valley. It is there that we are more open to what he has in store for us."